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To God Be The Glory - Winter 12x18 $172.00Dusted White 12x18 $172.00Frosted Ivy 12x18 $172.00Little Cubs Field 12x18 $172.00International 12x18 $172.00Iowa Green 12x18 $172.00Red Roof 12x18 $172.00Knee High 12x18 $172.00Weathered - Michigan 12x18 $172.00Near Blizzard Conditions 12x18 $172.00Winter Red 12x18 $172.00Prairie View Farm Winter 12x18 $172.00Bale Elevator 12x18 $172.00Corn Crib 12x18 $172.00Heres Lookin At You 12x18Early Morning Reflection 12x18 $172.00Patchwork 12x18 $172.00Red Fence 12x18 $172.00Sunny Acres 12x18 $172.00Starry Barn 12x18 $172.00