Guess how many photos I took in 2016...

This includes all photos, even those I did not post, process, or look at twice. ALL photos. Yes it includes any phone photos I took and family photos.

This may not be much of a hint but...2016 was a down year!
The rules are somewhat simple...
1) You may guess up to five times.
2) Guesses must be posted by January 31, 2017.

Good luck!
The winner will receive a a framed photo from my inventory.

I will post up to 8 hints throughout the month.  Why 8?  8 is my favorite number, that 's why!
Hint #1

In January 2016 I took under 600!

Hint #2

In February 2016 I started a new position, no longer on swing shift.  (This may not seem like a big clue, however, from a time factor it is.)

Hint #3

With my new position I enjoyed comparing the quality of photos from both my personal phone, (an Android) and my work phone (an iPhone).

Hint #4

I did not shoot in Continuous Shutter Mode much in 2016.

Hint #5

The numbers 0,4,5,6 & 7 are not part of the answer.

Hint #6

There a total of 5 different numbers that make up the 5 digit number.

Hint #7

Ironically, the number 8 is the last digit in the 5 digit number.

Hint #8

If you add up all the numbers in the answer it totals Michael Jordan's number.


Winner to be announced next week!


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