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NOTE: These images work best in a 8x12 size, (unless otherwise marked), this way they do not have to be cropped and can be matted and framed to 11x14

These images are from the personal bible of Reverend Paul Dean Votaw, whom I had the honor of calling my father-in-law and spiritual mentor.
This bible, a Scofield Reference bible, copyright 1917, was rebound at least one time during Paul's life. It holds a family lineage and notes of importance. In my journey to photograph this family heirloom I was struck by the depth of his love and the example of his life for me to follow. I pray that I do it well.
For some, they may wish that I had been closer to each verse as I photographed it. However, for me, it is not only the message of the verse but the markings surrounding it that are the real beauty of Paul's Bible, and make it come alive.
It is beautiful to hold and read, as you can see it is repeatedly marked, underlined and noted, worn, stained and tattered, and then, just like God's love, the closer you are, the more you see.
1 Matthew 3 16 172 Mark 11 223 Luke 2 8 124 John 20 315 Acts 4 316 Romans 10 97 1 corinthians 13 138 2 Corinthains 12 99 Galatians 5 2510 Ephesians 5 2011 Philippians 3 1412 Colossians 2 1213 1 Thessalonians 5 16 1714 2 Thessalonians 3 315 1 Timothy 2 516 2 Timothy 4 717 Titus 2 1118 Philemon 1 319 Hebrews 4 1620 James 3 19